This was An 11 week transformation using phase one and three. The first 4 weeks I used the 30 day ab and gallon of water a day challenge. Then I seen the TNDO system and decided to try something new and challenging. And ever since then i hit the ground running. I started the system week one 253 lbs and ended week 7 at 225 lbs. I gained speed, power, explosiveness, endurance, and most importantly confidence. TNDO is more than just a work out for me its an everyday motto. U have no idea how much ur videos change my life im a combat veteran who was suffering from PTSD and low self esteem because of my weight. but I stumbled upon a video with u nd ET. Never stop what you do man u lowkey saved my life. ✊?next up is phase 2. Time to build!

David Cordova

One of the biggest life changing decisions i made was deciding to purchase and completeing the TNDO training system. i trusted this system because I’ve seen the work Giavanni Ruffin put in an his words were always backed with action. i knew if i dedicate myself to this and put in the work id see the results. It took me 11 weeks ,

( 77days) to totally transform my body. Making a change like this is never easy but seeing progress and keeping my focus on the end results is what kept me going. I recommend if you wanna make a change challenge yourself and make this investment on yourself.


My journey in the gym actually began the summer of 2014.  I weighed 185 pounds at the start of the summer and after 12 long weeks of diet and exercise, I ended the summer weighing 137 pounds.  Throughout those 12 weeks I wanted to quit many times and was always looking for motivation.  I've been a big fan of Giavanni Ruffin for quite some time and I'll never forget one time specifically when I was ready to just quit and give everything up.  I stopped in the middle of my workout to watch his "How Bad Do You Want It" motivational video.  It gave me the extra motivation I needed to finish what I started.  Once the 12 weeks was over, I got content with how my body was and slacked off. Yeah I was still in the gym and had those stretches where I'd be on my grind for a while but I had no real plan and was eating whatever.  One day I looked in the mirror and realized there's a better version of me. I didn't work out every day for 12 weeks straight to look like this so I have to get back on my grind.   

I bought the TNDO training system "Phase 1&2" in February but didn't actually start until April 1st.  It was very clear after the first week it was one of the best decisions of my life.  After just 1 week I was already seeing immediate results. And by week 2, I was seeing progression.  The workouts involved things I've done before but it’s constructed to challenge you and bring you to new heights.  It also came with a meal plan that was very helpful in deciding what to eat.

I can honestly say after 4 weeks, "Phase 1" has put me in the best shape of my life.  But I can also say "Phase 1" has been so much more than just a workout program.  It has taught me so many life lessons.  It has taught me how to hold myself accountable.  I could've easily cheated the program, but the way it's designed you're not going to want to cheat.  It's taught me to stay true to myself.  Throughout "Phase 1" there wasn’t anyone forcing me to go to the gym or telling me what to eat.  It was all up to me to decide.  It also taught me the only person in between me and my goals is myself. No matter what it is in life, the game plan is always right in front of us and if we want to obtain our goals, all we have to do is go out there and execute.  

Nobody said the TNDO Training System would be easy, but everyone said it'll be worth it. And after "Phase 1" the proof is in the pudding that the system is worth it. I feel better than ever but I still have two phases to go.  I can't wait to finish this journey and find out what the best version of me possible actually looks like.

I Play Football For Broadneck High School. I Did This Training system phase 1 and this is the results I lost weight and gain muscle I'm proud of your training system!! The proof is real.