Isaiah Canaan

First and foremost, we are excited to introduce the newest member of #TeamGnE Chicago Bulls Point guard Isaiah Canaan. Isaiah attended Murray State University where he electrified crowds and filled up the stat sheet which ultimately landed him All American First Team honors. The Biloxi, Ms standout was drafted in 2013 by the Houston Rockets and then traded to the Philadelphia 76ers where he averaged 11ppg before being traded to his current team the Chicago Bulls. We sat down with Isaiah for a quick Q & A session, see what he had to say below.



G&E: "Being a NBA veteran how important is it for  you to take care of your body?"    


IC: "it's very important because you have to understand that your body is what you rely on to be successful!! Your body is like a car you gotta always take care of it n keep it tuned up or you won't be able to have it that long!"


G&E: "When did you start using supplements and what are your supps of choice"


IC: "I started my freshman year and I would have to say Whey.... so vanilla milkshake ALL DAY! Haha"


G&E: "What made you want to be apart of the GnE family?"


IC: "it is a lifestyle brand that represents anybody that wants to better themselves. You always see brands that focus more on athletes or bodybuilders. Grind and Endure embraces the youngsters, both professional and amateur athletes, and also just your everyday person that wants to improve their body and health." 


G&E: "Cardio or weights?"


IC: "Need both!! 


G&E: Training and basketball can be exhausting, what do you like to do in your leisure time?  


IC: I like to chill and relax with friends and family, go fishing, play video games, top golf, and I really like bowling" 


G&E: "Being an All-American in college at Murray State University, was the transition to the NBA difficult? Also, what is the biggest difference between the NBA and NCAA basketball?" 


IC: "I don't feel the transition was that difficult because being at a mid-major school, you're already the underdog from the jump. So coming into the NBA, you come in with a chip on your shoulder to show that you belong here!! Biggest difference is the speed and how much more physical it is!! Playing with grown men!!"