Clean Eating

Would you put regular unleaded gas in a Lamborghini? No way! So why would you fill your body with anything less than premium? Clean eating is the premium fuel for your body. It’s a LIFESTYLE not a diet! NO counting calories, NO food groups eliminated, in fact eating clean allows you to eat more food, not less because you’re making mindful, informed choices. It takes a little getting used to, requires changes at the grocery store and home but with a little preparation, eating clean can become ROUTINE.
So what exactly is clean eating? Clean eating is about choosing the right foods to eat while avoiding the wrong foods.
How do you get clean? Think of the path your food has taken. Foods straight from the farm to your table are clean. Foods from a factory, not so much. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started:
Eat Whole Foods, foods straight from the farm like whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, grass-fed and free-range meats, low fat dairy products, unsalted nuts and seeds
Up the Veggies – straight from the farm, vegetables are full of vitamins and heart-healthy fiber, low in calories
Healthy Fat – Not all fat is bad. Swap out bad fats (butter and cheese) with olive oil, canola oil, peanut butter for cream cheese, avocado instead of mayonnaise
Avoid Processed Foods – if it has a label, leave it alone! Labels mean more than one ingredient and if it has more than one ingredient, you’re not eating straight from the farm.
Clean-Packaged Foods – whole-wheat pasta, baby spinach, chick peas
If You Can’t Read It, Don’t Eat It – read labels carefully. Remember you want to get as close to the food source as possible so if it has more than five ingredients, WALK AWAY.
If It Comes In A Box: proceed with caution!
No Refined Sugars – calories, calories, calories that’s all you get with refined sugars. Leave it alone. Watch out for sugars that sneak into healthy foods like yogurts, tomato sauce and cereal, fruit cups and yes even power bars. Read the labels!!!
Water: zero calories, no sugar, no carbs! Avoid drinks containing high fructose corn syrup (read the labels, you’ll be surprised how many fruit juices contain refined sugars!)
Carbs: Yes, you can have carbs! Brown rice, quinoa, legumes, vegetables and fruits are clean sources of carbohydrates
Cook! – It’s easier than it sounds. Whole foods need very little preparation. Just chop, sauté’ and enjoy!
Clean Eating is really very simple: it's about eating foods with as little processing and handling as possible. The closer to nature the better. Make small changes every day and don’t be discouraged if you slip up. Over time your taste buds will change and you’ll start eating clean more regularly. Give it time. Remember: You can’t get healthy without eating healthy. It’s that simple.