Break Free - the Key to a Better You

Over time we all fall into our own version of equilibrium. Patterns of Exercise, Patterns of Eating, and Patterns of how often we do or don’t do something become a routine. As time goes on, these daily routines governed by feedback loops from our environment, our genetics, and our internal dialogue become the norm.


Every stabilizing force of our daily routine pushes us to go back to the old ways. So how do break free from the unwanted routines and develop a new equilibrium?

First we must understand habits. Most are small but a few are KEY. Exercise is one of those KEY habits. KEY habits trigger other habits.


You’ve just finished an intense work out at the gym. You could grab a burger on the way home but you really feel fit and you don’t want to be weighed down. Instead, you down a protein shake. Before long, you begin to lose weight. This in turn, makes you feel more confident and better about yourself. Exercise triggers positive change!


Exercise improves sleep and that makes you more rested and alert which in turn leads to increased productivity!

KEY HABITS CREATE A DOMINO EFFECT and when those key habits are healthy, the effects are POSITIVE!!!


  • You are the sum of your habits.
  • You are the person you are because of the habits you have.

You can’t rely on motivation that burns out too quickly. It is time to reinvent yourself and assume the identity of the person you want to be. To make a change you have to start believing new things about yourself. You have to become the type of person you want to be and stop being the person that you are.

Begin your transformation with these three simple steps.


REMINDER: Trigger the new behavior. Place a rubber band or bracelet on your wrist as a reminder to workout. Attach your new behavior (working out) to an existing behavior. For example, tell yourself you can’t watch TV until you’ve worked out.

ROUTINE: Lasting change is a product of daily habits. Ask yourself “What can I do to make it as easy as possible to exercise?” Incorporate your "new" habit into your existing routine.

REINFORCE: Celebrate the small steps. After every workout tell yourself “good job” or “Success.” Use positive self-talk, remember, the result is not the prize, the process is the prize.

Living to a stronger standard is about the process not the ultimate result. Lasting change is built day by day with conscious effort. Every day you have two choices: Either to make it happen or wonder what happened? If you truly think you deserve better then go after everything you say you deserve. You can’t just think and dream, you have to GO GET IT!